GreenEarth Sustain Detergent 1gal

GreenEarth Sustain Detergent 1gal

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SUSTAIN has been specially formulated to deliver first class results with the optimized GreenEarth Cleaning System. Because GreenEarth’s liquid silicone dry cleaning fluid features a low surface tension, it wets and penetrates fibers quickly. Thus SUSTAIN is carried quickly and easily to soils allowing them to be suspended and removed with no resettling onto the fibers. Garments are cleaner and brighter. Dyes and fabrics are safe. Lint and static are minimized. Moisture is controlled. And because SUSTAIN is concentrated and specifically formulated to be used with the GreenEarth Cleaning System, less detergent is required. Better outcomes, less claims and re-cleans, satisfied customers, and a lower detergent budget all help add to the sustainability of your dry cleaning business.

Includes SDS and product data sheets. 1 gallon container .

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